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I photograph the world as a magical cinematic circus ride. I could be photographing a street performer in Paris, a misty mountain on the Isle of Skye, a traditional wedding in Wisconsin, or a portrait of a dying friend. It all originates from a deep belief that life is  short, and that the few precious moments of joy/sorrow/truth/beauty/kindness strung together are all we have. Impermanence, the essence of the moment, life propelled on the wings of desire, to truly live a life worth living, is what drives me and my photography.


I originate from a traditional photography background which allows the rest of my mind and senses to run wild in the garden of happy accidents, grace and mystery... to become inspired and invigorated by the resplendent moments of life.


Recently, I have rediscovered my love of painterly photos. Years ago I spent hours, days even, mixing experimental film/papers/dyes/chemicals in the traditional darkroom to achieve my painterly photos. The digital world , with all its programs and applications, has made photography fun and magical again, not to mention less toxic to myself and the environment. I layer images, the conjunction of two stars, mixing time and space to create beautifully haunting images. Nowadays I spend less time in the darkroom, and much more time in Nature, a great healer!

Ann Bellanti B.F.A.

International Photographer         2023 All Rights Reserved

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